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WorkSafe regulations revolve around three main issues

Whether or not a person is wearing appropriate hearing protection, the following values of noise exposure are considered to be the limit for an acceptable risk to their hearing for a 24 hour period, any more and their hearing should be monitored.

Sound Level DBA Exposure Time Example of Noise
85 8 hours Handsaw
88 4 hours Truck/Tractor
91 2 hours Lawn Mower
94 1 hour Electric table saw
97 30min Brake Riveter
100 15 min Grinder/Router, Hammer (striking nail)
102 8 min Circular Saw
106 4 min Sandblasting
109 2 min Impact Wrench
115 30sec Pneumatic Drill

Monitor Your Employees Hearing on a Regular Basis

It is recommended that testing be done at the commencement of employment, 3 months later, and then every 12 months. You will be provided with full documentation of the results.


Describes the audiometry testing procedure.

Summary of Employers Duties

How Noisy Is Your Workplace?

Approved Code of Practice for the Management of noise in the Workplace

WorkSafe Regulations (free hard-copy available on request from ISA)

Health and Safety in Employment Act s10 (2)(e)

Employers must monitor the health of employees who have been exposed to a significant noise hazard.
For a summary, in relation to noise, see Appendix A in Approved Code of Practice for the Management of Noise in the Workplace.

Workplace Exposure Standard

Employees exposed to noise above the 85DB(A) over an 8-hour day should have their hearing monitored.